Lielplatone Manor

Jelgava region, Lielplatones parish, Lielplatone, LV-3022, Latvia
Lng: 23.660863498225808 , Lat: 56.45207752358614

Contact person: Ingūna Pranka, Lielplatones pagasta tūrisma punkta vadītāja
Phone: +371 26611468 /
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The first mention of Lielplatone (Groβ-Platon) was in chronicles in 1500, though it was renamed Senverdere in the 17th century. Lielplatone Manor was owned by the family of Baron von Hahn from the 19th century. The main building, the Manor house, was built in 1845 according to the plan of the Courland Governorate Architect, Emil Johann Albert Strauss. The building was rebuilt and extended from 1860 as a two-storey rectangular construction with perpendicularly placed end buildings. The manor is surrounded by a broad park with ancient avenues. The buildings of the manor complex – the barn, gardener’s house, the washer woman’s house, the chapel and the baroness’ little bridge and the baroness’ pond – tell us about life at manor. Tourist information Centre is operating at the manor.

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