Padure Manor

"Pils" Padure, Padures pagasts, Kuldīgas novads
Lng: 21.908698976039886 , Lat: 57.01822452020169

Contact person: Jānis Lazdāns
Phone: +371 29640028 / ,
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Padure manor house is exquisit example of late classicism in which practically all details are preserved and original. Authentic feelings and mood create its oridiginal windows, doors and paintings on the walls, and even chimney.
 The manor is being restored step by step, despite this is fascinating place for various cultural events and concerts.
 The manor offers guided tours, exciting overnight accommodation expierence in candle light for up to 8 persons, hall and park rental for memorable events and hapennings.

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Available for excursions on demand. 

Within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Open Doors Days will take place for the first time in castles, palaces and manors of Latvia, allowing everyone interested to explore historical buildings from a new point of view. Latvian and European castles and manors are 
unique historical, cultural and artistic objects. Many of them have turned to their neighbourhoods’ main centres for tourism, culture and public life.
The Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors and the Latvian Association of Private Historical Buildings, following the initiative of the European Historic Houses Association   invite to visit Latvia's unique cultural heritage sites – castles, palaces and manors.
During the Open Doors Days visitors will have the opportunity to visit 37 Latvian historical buildings and to be acquainted with their important role in the past and diverse use in nowadays.  Concerts and exhibitions will also be organised in several sites. 
Young people, in turn, are invited to participate in the exciting contest “My Business Plan for the Latvian Castle, Palace or Manor” and to win the opportunity for the class to hold a party in one of the Latvian castles or manors. 
Within the Open Door Days on May 24-25  the following 25 members of the Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors – participants of the Baltic travel campaign  “Visit Baltic Manors - Celebrate Together!” are launching the travel campaign in Latvia:
Name of manor, castle or palace E-mail address
1. Alūksnes Jaunā pils
2. Berķenes muiža
3. Blankenfeldes muiža
4. Cēsu pils komplekss
5. Dikļu Pils
6. Dundagas pils
7. Durbes pils
8. Jaunauces pils
9. Jaunmoku pils
10. Krāslavas muiža
11. Kokmuižas pils komplekss
12. Lielplatones muiža inguna.pranka@jelgavas
13. Litenes muiža
14. Lizuma muiža
15. Lūznavas muiža
16. Padures muiža
17. Preiļu muižas komplekss un parks
18. Smuku muiža
19. Ungurmuiža
20. Vadakstes muiža
21. Varakļānu muižas pils
22. Vecauces pils
23. Veselavas muiža
24. Virkas muiža
25. Zaļā (Zaļenieku) muiža
Grupas "Sestā Jūdze" koncerts Padures muižā. Skanēs gan jaunas, gan vecas dziesmas. Koncerts notiks uz muižas dārza terases tā kā vietas pietiks visiem un būs arī kur padancot.Kā ierasts par atspirdzinājumiem rūpēsies Smilškalnu VīnsGrupa «Sestā jūdze» dibināta 2001. gadā. Grupā muzicē dziedātājs un komponists Agris Gedrovičs, dziedātājs un basģitārists Modris Miķelsons, bundzinieks Aldis Strazdiņš, Kristaps Rullis, kurš spēlē stīlģitāru, un viens no labākajiem kantrimūzikas ģitāristiem Baltijā - Jānis Misiņš. Tā uzstājusies kantrimūzikas festivālos un citos pasākumos Latvijā, Lietuvā, Vācijā, Anglijā, Īrijā, kā arī Dānijā, tostarp Silkeborgas kantrimūzikas festivālā, kas ir viens no nozīmīgākajiem šī mūzikas stila pasākumiem Eiropā. Kopš grupas dibināšanas, piedaloties Bauskas Starptautiskajā kantrimūzikas festivālā, tā vairākkārt ieguvusi gan «Grand Prix» kā labākā grupa, gan saņēmusi balvas par labāko dziesmu un labāko izpildītāju. Tāpat «Sestā jūdze» trīsreiz ieguvusi Latvijas mūzikas ierakstu «Gada balvu» - vienreiz kategorijā «Labākā dziesma», divreiz - «Labākais albums». Grupa laidusi klajā četrus albumus - 2004.gadā «Emigrants», 2008.gadā «Kalendārs» 2012. gadā «Iebrien manā saulrietā», 2016.gadā 《Labāko dziesmu izlasi》.
Concert of Imants Daksis
Imanta Dakša concert in Padure Manor Park. The cozy atmosphere will allow you to enjoy music and feel a fantastic mood. The concert starts at 20:00
Imants Daksis
is the author of more than 400 songs in Latvian, as well as several dozens of songs in Russian and English. For the first time on stage, the musician steped in 2002 with the group "Pasaules Gaisma", but since 2004, has appeared as a solo artist and has released 17 albums.

The instruments characteristic to the songs - acoustic guitar, voice and rhythm of the legs, in Imants performance are saturated with expression and courage, which has no analogues in Latvian music and attracts listeners of different nationalities and ages. Imants music can not be defined in the same style as its songs, both thematically and musically, are very diverse - monumental, extremely expressive, melodic, mild and even sentimental, they speak of transcendental and personal themes, interactions of the material and intangible world, and listeners with an open perception Calls for a bold and free world of coverage. Imants creative values ​​are poetry-quality texts, visual expression, strong and varied voice memoirs and ever-changing external image. Thematic albums and concerts are the most visible part of the musician's activity, but in parallel, Imants is very interested in various music and visual art related experiments.

Entrance fee is 5 euros.
Manor House
Manor House
Second dance music event in Padure Manor. Start at 22:00, ends when it ends. Guess with the sun.
The first Manor House event took place in autumn 2017. After that dancers could not get out of the manor. :) Now we make another. Will play LB, Mr.RoughBoy, Hadge. Entrance fee EUR 5 per person, EUR 7 per couple. Tickets for pre-sale
Astro’n’out acoustic program „Tuvāk”
The Astro'n'out band is embedded on the 15th anniversary of its continuance. For celebrating the anniversary, a completely different program was created, combining energy with contemporary sound from the latest album "Urda" with quotations from the 2008 album Astro Acoustic.
The concert will take place on the terrace of the Padure Manor, which will give it a special magic.

The astro'n'out band is embedded on the 15th anniversary of its continuance. For celebrating the anniversary, a completely different program was created, combining energy with contemporary sound from the latest album "Urda" with quotations from the 2008 album Astro Acoustic.
Just year before  in spring of 2017, the band went with the Urda album around Latvia and in summer, with a part tour program, she attended several city fests and festivals.
Now after a powerful tour, the band will meet with audiences with a diametrically opposite concept - acoustic, intimate, and humble scent, creating atmosphere using acoustics and speaking more personally.

In the concert, both songs from the last album and hearers of the hearts of the earliest listeners "Gravitātei nē", "Tici sev", "Spoguļoties" and others, some of which will be played in completely unheard of, even perhaps not initially recognized arrangements, will be heard, but others will feel like at home by the fireplace with friends, singing together your favorite pieces together.

The group started work on the sixth album and promised to show off the feelings of the coming album for the first time in the concert.

Tickets can be purchased and before concert.
Reiņa Jaunā koncerts
Reinis Jaunais Concert. Mostly light music will be played. The concert starts at 19.00
The concert will take place as usual in Padure Manor Park, in a cozy atmosphere. Those who have been already know.

Reinis Jaunais has been performing throughout Europe for several years, sharing his guitar skills and original chants that are presented to the public through various guitar playing techniques. The life of the musician is a journey that also serves as the main source of inspiration for creating music.
Reinis himself says: "Music is my passion, and I always feel incredibly happy to speak to any audience, no matter if it's one person in a small cafe or full concert hall."
Reinis has released 4 music albums - Plika Ģitāra (2013), Draugu Orķestris(2015), Gaišs (2016) and Tumšs (2017). The last one was recorded with the music band Reinis Young Trio.

Entrance fee is 4 euros. Pre-sale tickets here

Ieejas maksa 4 eiro. Biļetes iepriekšpārdošanā šeit
Cecilia's Salon
Cecilia's Salon
The salon evening as in old times in the good house was common.
This will be a salon evening, something that has been happening in old times in many manors, and nowadays there is much in the world. Evija Martinsone and Ernest Vigner Kuldiga Music School Teachers' Piano Quartet will perform with musical performances.Dace Priede will read fragments from his published and unpublished works.
Event program

17.30 Arrivals, acquaintances and guests of the manor house

18.00 - 21.00 Painting exhibition - auction TMS "Kuldiga palette" works.

18.00 - 19.00 Performance by the opera singer Evija Martinsone.

19.00 - 20.00 Actress, director and writer Dace Priede read their fragments from their published and unpublished works.

20.00 - 21.00 Ernest Vigner Kuldiga Music School Teachers' Strings Quartet with various classical and long-known songs of salon music.

21.00 - Tea evening in Cecilia style manor dining room. Excursion around the manor accompanied by the owner of Padure Manor.

Refreshments will be provided by Smilškalnu Vīns.

The event is funded by the Kurzeme Planning Region, the State Culture Capital Foundation and the Latvian state forests.
Night of Legends at manors of Latvia
The traditional Night of Legends is perfect choice for warming up for the Closing Event of travellers` campaign "Visit Baltic Manors - Celebrate Together!". For the 7th time manors, castles and palaces in Latvia invite to enjoy a special atmosphere and exciting events in the Night of Legends. The participants in this night will have a great opportunity to know manors, castles and palaces in a special mood, when history stories tangled with modern life and there will be also a possibility to join activities. The Night of Legends will be celebrated in Latvia on 27th of October.

In more than 30 castle and manor halls, towers, basements, courtyards and parks of  historic houses will take guests to hear reliable and incredible stories, classical and contemporary tunes, shows, housemates and calling for creative manifestations.

In Zemgale region:
Abgunste manor, Durbe castle, Eleja manor Tea house, Jaunauce manor, Jaunpils castle, Kalnsēta manor and park, Lielplatone manor, Lielvircava manor, Staļģene manor, Šlokenbeka manor, Vadakste manor, Vecauces castle, Vilce manor, Zaļā manor, Svitene manor.

In Vidzeme region:Alūksne New castle, Cēsu New castle, Cesvaines castlmanor, Jercēnu manor, Kokmuiža castle complex, Liepupe manor, Puikule manor, Stāmeriena castle, Ungurmuiža manor, Veselava manor, Zvārtava castle.

In Kurzeme region:Dundaga castle, Pelču castle, Padure manor, Spāre manor, The Castle of the Livonian Order in Ventspils.

In Latgale region:Arendole manor, Preiļu castle, Varakļānu castle, Luznava manor.
Night of Legends at Padure manor

For the 7th time in October, many of the Latvian castles and manors are the night of Legends. The theme of this year's event in our manor will be the time of the collective farm or kolkhoz. In 1945, at the Padure Manor, a downing Land Test Station was invented and it existed until 1995. There were apartments for scientists and collogue employees in the cap floor and mansard. The manor was also a cultural center. In the great hall, the cinema was played and the balls took place. This Legends night is devoted to this time and the memory of their people. Let's try to regenerate that time with music, workshops and meals. The great hall will have a riveting kolhoz party. The chapel “How It Is”  will play and DJ Eddie  with a particularly coveted collective kolkhoz-era music. At Padure Manor the event of the Legends' Night will be heard and felt far beyond its fences – there will be a party.... will be the huge party "Kolhoznieku balle".

Contactperson: Jānis Lazdāns, owner, +371 29640028,

Guests have a request for suitable clothing. You can and want to take your baskets with you.Guests will be able to treat with Smilshkalna wines and warm up with tea.Don't miss this magical opportunity and meet at Legends Night!
From 7: 00 PM excursion by manor owner Janis LazdansFrom 7:00 - 10:00 PM workshops in kolhoz times crafts, led by the Kuldīga museum craft group “Čaupe.  Knotting, damping.From 7:00 - 10:00 PM Ceramic workshop, led by the real Padure keramician Inta Medniece. Visitors will be able to make memorabilia.From 7:00 - 10:00 PM Kolhoz time cooking master class. You can learn from something.From 7:00 - 12:00 PM “Annual harvest” — TTMS  “KuldīgaPalette” paintings exhibition. 10:30 PM – auction of paintingsFrom 8:00 PM Visit by manor owner Janis LazdansFrom 8: 00 – 9:30 PM Film  “ To the New Coast” demonstration and tales of life in kolhoz times. Everyone is invited to share their memories.At 8:00 PM dances with The chapel “How It Is”   and DJ Eddie at manor in the Great Hall.At 10:00 PM Visit by manor owner Janis Lazdans 

The event is financially supported by the municipality of the Kuldīga.