Durbe Manor, Tukums Museum

Tukums Museum, Parka Street 7, LV-3101, Latvia
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Contact person: Inta Dišlere
Phone: + 371 631 82391; +371 6312274 , + 371 26305946 / durbespils@tukumamuzejs.lv
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The Durbe Manor in Tukums is seen as one of the true jewels of Classicist architecture in Kurzeme.  It is the only baronial mansion that was built long ago in which the late 19th century and early 20th century was reconstructed so as to create an idea about Baltic German culture.
The interior of the mansion reflects colour systems and arrangement principles that are based on Classicism, as well as neo-styles such as neo-Classicism and neo-Renaissance.  Visitors can look at engravings, paintings, sculptures, furniture and other interior design objects which reflect the 19th century trend of reproducing various art styles from the past.
There is a large landscape park around the restored building with a rotunda and a high stone bridge. 

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