Arendole Manor

Vārkava region, Rožkalnu parish, Arendole, Arendoles muiža, LV-5325, Latvia
Lng: 26.61117466399446 , Lat: 56.15131997910594

Contact person: Faimja Turlaja
Phone: +371 29421413, +371 29229713 / ,
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Where history meets inspiration! Escape to a19 th Centru autentic Manor house set amongst the peaceful Latgalian countryside.

Additional information

Here are izzinošas Latgale mansion tours for history and Arendoles ieprekšēja 120 EUR estate after the groups (up to 20 people per +6 in total / pers.)
Sign up for a tour and coordinate the arrival times for at least 3 days in advance by calling or writing to +371 29421413 e-mail: