Vadakste Manor

Vadakstes pamatskola, p/n Vadakste, LV-3895, Latvija
Lng: 22.7485399722 , Lat: 56.3730274722

Contact person: Gundega Rozenberga
Phone: , +371 25619406
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Vadakste Manor is located on the right bank of the river, where once was the Zemgalian hillfort. The Vadakste manor built in the bank of the river, dating to the 16th century. belonged to the Baron Bistram family. Luxurious, classicist-style doors and window fittings have been preserved in the building. Existing farm buildings, hammer and barn were built in the 19th century. at first. Manor House was built in 1911-1914. Neo-Classicism in the style of architect L. Reinhir's project. The manor complex is surrounded by a park built in the 18th-19th centuries. Between 1923 and 2009 Vadakste Elementary School was located in the building. At Vadakste Manor, you can now see Vadakste History Storehouse and rent a room at Vadakste Manor.

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