Dikli Manor

Kocēni district, Dikļi parish, Dikļu pils, LV-4223
Lng: 25.1025850250 , Lat: 57.5979822333

Contact person: Sanita Rubene
Phone: , +371 64207480 sanita.rubene@diklupils.lv , pils@diklupils.lv
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For the Palace's History Connoisseurs
Dikļi Palace is one of the most historic and beautiful palaces in Latvia. You can, in aristocratic peace, indulge yourself in peaceful relaxation while enjoying the art, luxurious interior with (a touch of) antique elegance, sophisticated meals, and restorative Nature SPA treatments. The palace takes pride in its restaurant, recognized as one of the best in Latvia, as well as in the highly prized and extensive collection of fireplaces and tile stoves, complemented by a unique collection of paintings by Latvian artists. All this, less than an hour and a half away from Riga, will pleasantly surprise true art lovers, recovering from everyday life or celebrating life’s precious moments with superb taste, in the enchanting peace of Dikļi Palace.

Additional information

Available for excursions for visitors every day from 10:00 until 20:00Guided excursion tours only by previous bookings.