Cesis Castle

Cesu castle, Pils iela 9, Cēsis, Latvia
Lng: 25.2714541528 , Lat: 57.3133928417

Contact person: Kristīne Skrīvere, Cēsu Vēstures un Mākslas muzeja vadītāja
Phone: +371 64127755 , +371 26457760 / kristine.skrivere@cesis.lv
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The complex is located in the center of the Cēsis, where in a small area a number different historical areas intertwine. Medieval castle was built by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword and the Teutonic order. In the middle Ages it was one of the most important footholds for the Teutonic Order in the Baltics, but now – most impressive and well preserved castle ruins in Latvia. The buildings of manor complex with May and Castle Park manifest the Romanticism movement of the 18th and 19th century. In the central manor house there is the Cesis History and Art Museum, where after the restoration, the exhibition of history and interior "Cēsis-Latvian History Symbol" is arranged. Guided tours, medieval activity center and medieval kitchen garden from 16th century also are offered for visitors.

Additional information

Working hours:
from 1st of May to 30th of September:
Monday - Sunday from 10.00-18.00
The entrance fee to complex (medieval castle and museum):
6,00 EUR – adults
3,50 EUR –  students, pensioners
12,00 EUR – families (2 adults with children up to age of 16 years)
Tickets to Cēsu Castle complex stop selling 45 minutes before the closing of the sale of the complex.

Within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Open Doors Days will take place for the first time in castles, palaces and manors of Latvia, allowing everyone interested to explore historical buildings from a new point of view. Latvian and European castles and manors are 
unique historical, cultural and artistic objects. Many of them have turned to their neighbourhoods’ main centres for tourism, culture and public life.
The Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors and the Latvian Association of Private Historical Buildings, following the initiative of the European Historic Houses Association   invite to visit Latvia's unique cultural heritage sites – castles, palaces and manors.
During the Open Doors Days visitors will have the opportunity to visit 37 Latvian historical buildings and to be acquainted with their important role in the past and diverse use in nowadays.  Concerts and exhibitions will also be organised in several sites. 
Young people, in turn, are invited to participate in the exciting contest “My Business Plan for the Latvian Castle, Palace or Manor” and to win the opportunity for the class to hold a party in one of the Latvian castles or manors. 
Within the Open Door Days on May 24-25  the following 25 members of the Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors – participants of the Baltic travel campaign  “Visit Baltic Manors - Celebrate Together!” are launching the travel campaign in Latvia:
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25. Zaļā (Zaļenieku) muiža barkovska.valija@gmail.com
Night of Legends at manors of Latvia
The traditional Night of Legends is perfect choice for warming up for the Closing Event of travellers` campaign "Visit Baltic Manors - Celebrate Together!". For the 7th time manors, castles and palaces in Latvia invite to enjoy a special atmosphere and exciting events in the Night of Legends. The participants in this night will have a great opportunity to know manors, castles and palaces in a special mood, when history stories tangled with modern life and there will be also a possibility to join activities. The Night of Legends will be celebrated in Latvia on 27th of October.

In more than 30 castle and manor halls, towers, basements, courtyards and parks of  historic houses will take guests to hear reliable and incredible stories, classical and contemporary tunes, shows, housemates and calling for creative manifestations.

In Zemgale region:
Abgunste manor, Durbe castle, Eleja manor Tea house, Jaunauce manor, Jaunpils castle, Kalnsēta manor and park, Lielplatone manor, Lielvircava manor, Staļģene manor, Šlokenbeka manor, Vadakste manor, Vecauces castle, Vilce manor, Zaļā manor, Svitene manor.

In Vidzeme region:Alūksne New castle, Cēsu New castle, Cesvaines castlmanor, Jercēnu manor, Kokmuiža castle complex, Liepupe manor, Puikule manor, Stāmeriena castle, Ungurmuiža manor, Veselava manor, Zvārtava castle.

In Kurzeme region:Dundaga castle, Pelču castle, Padure manor, Spāre manor, The Castle of the Livonian Order in Ventspils.

In Latgale region:Arendole manor, Preiļu castle, Varakļānu castle, Luznava manor.
Night of Legends at Cēsu New castle
“Count Zīversi invite...”27th of  October 8:00 PM until midnight
There will be an opportunity to know and settle in the household of the residents of Cesis Castle in the 18 th-19 th century. Throughout the evening, you will have a chance to meet the Count Karl Gustav von Zīvers and his mistress, Helena von Zīvere, as well as their housekeeper, dancers, musicians, storytellers and servants...
Event programme:
- Count Zeversi shows his castle - guided tour;- photographic exhibition with newfound, not yet showed photographs of the interior and southern facade of the castle (19.century .90ies);- the painting hour with the Countess at the castle's veranda;- a photo atelier takes a moment with the Count and Countess;- the table games at the tower library;- Masters of calligraphy at Knight Hall;- A fairy-tale workshop in the nursery;- Creative workshop “Little Count and Countess” at Castle Workshop;- Enjoyment of wine and snacks at the Cafe 7 Bar in a pop-up cafe in the vault hall;- In the Count's Kitchen, the enjoyment of BLACK SWAN`s coffee and cakes;- at 9:00 PM 19ies century dance footsteps and the performance of the old party dance group “MAGNOLIA” in the Grand Salon;
At 10:00 PM Vidzeme cammerorchestra concert in the Grand Saloon.
Admission fee: EUR 5,00 for adults;
EUR 3,00 for kids, students, pensioners and Cesis Friends card owners,
EUR 12,00  family ticket (2 adults + children up to 16 years)
The entrance to the castle from 7:30 PMAddress: Palace Square 9, Cesis