Ungurmuiza Manor

"Ungurmuiža", LV-4146, Raiskuma parish, Pārgaujas county, Latvia
Lng: 25.0887000500 , Lat: 57.3626073778

Contact person: Ieva Ņevečorova, SIA
Phone: , 22007332 info@ungurmuiza.lv
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Ungurmuiža  Baroque style manor house is the only architectural monument of the 18th century wooden baroque buildings preserved in Latvia. The manor house was built by Baron von Campenhausen in 1732 as the family house. At present the manor house is being restored to its former splendor. The interior paintings are surprisingly well-preserved. Visitors can enjoy the special atmosphere of the manor house by taking a walk in the park beneath the huge oak-trees or enjoying tea in the Tea House. Ungrumuiža manor house offer guided tours for individuals and groups. Premises for celebrations, seminars, workshops. Concerts, festivals and exhibitions. And accommodation 2 Double rooms and 3 apartments.

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Monday - closed
Tuesday - Saturday from 10.00 a.m. - 18.00
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