Mezotne Palace

Bauska district, Mežotne parish, Mežotne, Mežotnes pils, LV-3901, Latvia  
Lng: 24.0529841667 , Lat: 56.4384222250

Contact person: Inga Jaunzeme
Phone: +371 26 66 11 99 , +371 63960711 /
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More than a millennium Mežotne Zemgal compound was the place, but Mezotne estate history date back to the 17 century, during the middle of Jacob. Later, in 1795, the Russian Empress Catherine II Mezotne castle gave life to use his grandchildren teacher Charlotte von Līvenai, who in 1799 was also the Countess titulu.  
In 1797 he was Paul I Līveniem dzimtīpašumā estate. Charlotte von Leaven had now Mezotnes Castle building construction started in 1797 after the Italian architect Giacomo Kvarengi project. Palace construction led the Saxon origin architect Johann Georg Adam Berlics. 1802. in construction works completed  From 1921 to 1944. year Castle was agricultural school. In the course of the Second World War the building partially destroyed the castle. 

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The castle is open every working day from 9:00 until 18:00
Saturdays, Sundays from 9:00 until 18:00