Varaklani Castle

Pils ielā 27, zip code LV-4838, Varakļāni, Latvia
Lng: 26.776457726955414 , Lat: 56.60749279477629

Contact person: Terese Korsaka
Phone: 64866162 , 29359242 / ,
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According to cout Borh's initiative, Italian architect Vincenco Macotti was invited to Latgale to build Varaklani castle. This castle is an outstanding and early classicism model in Latvian building art. The building was built from 1783-1789.
 The facade of the castle is decorated with the motto of M. Borha - "Virtute duce - Deo favente - Comite fortune" ( Masculinity leads, God helps, fortune accompanies ).The layout of the castle is rather specific and the only one in Latvia.
 M. Jan von der Borh (1751 - 1811) was well known for his great achievements as a scientist and statesman. From 1790 his and his wife Eleonora's ( she was the daughter of Baltic governor general Georg Brown ) constant place of living became Varaklani.

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