Ranka Manor

"Rankas muiža", Rankas pagasts, Gulbenes novads, LV-4416, Darba laiks:  T., C., P., S., SV.  10:-19:00.
Lng: 26.185641512274742 , Lat: 57.20870007992585

Contact person: Andis Ābols
Phone: +371 29420502 , +371 29435542 / rankaspils@gmail.com
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The first information about Ranka Manor relates to 1638. The manor house belonged to the Queen of Sweden, as well as the German families of Holstein, Rihter and Meyendorff. In 1920, the manor was alienated from the family von Meyendorff, in order to install the National school of households in the main building. During the Second World War, it was arranged for the German lazaret. After that, the school began teaching again. In 1986 and 1990 there were fires in the main building. Nowadays Ranka Manor is reborn. A beautiful sculpture park is developed, the bridge is restored, and in the historic buildings a library, a Roman Catholic chapel, an art gallery and an exhibition of antique cars is formed and can be visited by tourists.

Additional information

Ranka Manor can be visited on Wednesdays - Sundays from  10:00 till 19:00.
Phone +371 29420502, +371 29435542.