Abgunste Manor

Abgunste, Zalenieku parish, Jelgavas region, LV-3011, Latvia
Lng: 23.48894405295141 , Lat: 56.477783508491974

Contact person: Asnāte Avotniece
Phone: +371 29393131; +371 28373711 , asnate@abgunste.lv; info@symposiums.lv
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Abgunste manor is a place for Your creativity and celebration of life. Creativity mecca - to support any kind of creative artistic expression and cultural experience. Abgunste Manor was built  around 1780, but was burned down during the riots. Reconstruction started after 1908 and was completed in 1931 by local administration, establishing the Castle of Light - Abgunste School. Nowdays it's a creative environment for En plein airs, festivals, exhibitions, seminars as well as accommodation during the summer period. Open type workshops for crafting. Abgunste manor is a cultural monument of national significance.

Additional information

Abgunstes manor can only be visited by previous arrangement.
Night of Legends at manors of Latvia
The traditional Night of Legends is perfect choice for warming up for the Closing Event of travellers` campaign "Visit Baltic Manors - Celebrate Together!". For the 7th time manors, castles and palaces in Latvia invite to enjoy a special atmosphere and exciting events in the Night of Legends. The participants in this night will have a great opportunity to know manors, castles and palaces in a special mood, when history stories tangled with modern life and there will be also a possibility to join activities. The Night of Legends will be celebrated in Latvia on 27th of October.

In more than 30 castle and manor halls, towers, basements, courtyards and parks of  historic houses will take guests to hear reliable and incredible stories, classical and contemporary tunes, shows, housemates and calling for creative manifestations.

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Night of Legends at Abgunste manor
Abgunste manor - creativity residence for all kinds of arts, culture, contemporary design, other creative processes and interdisciplinary experiments.
In the Abgunstes manor, the visitors of Night of Legends will be able to experience participation in creative workshops at night, and having an enjoyable dinner in memorable atmosphere.

Contact: Asnate Avotniece, 29393131, info@abgunste.lv