Eleja Manor teehouse

Elejas muižas parks, Elejas pagasts, Jelgavas novads, LV-3023
Lng: 23.699644804000854 , Lat: 56.42538995375411

Contact person: Annija Klovāne, Tūrisma informācijas punkta vadītāja Elejā
Phone: +371 26128853 / annija.klovane@jelgavasnovads.lv
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The ensemble of Eleja Manor buildings was designed of 19th century in the style of Classicism after the order of Duke Christoph Johann Friedrich von Medem. In its days the palace was distinguished by its exquisite style of the interior. The buildings were destroyed during the World War I in 1915. Until nowadays there have been preserved the house of Manor's steward and Theater House, long-standing cemetery of barons, Tea House, but only ruins have remained from the one-time majestic palace. In 2015 the rebirth was experienced by the Tea House and the stone fence. During every season in the Manor Park there is a special atmosphere with rare tree and plant species. The legend is still told about the Duke's beautiful daughter Dagmāra, who lost her life because of an unhappy love.

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