Jakiškės Manor

Lng: 23.5308259 , Lat: 56.180343

Contact person: Meilė Zaleckienė
Phone: +37068257092 / jakiskiudvaras@gmail.com
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Jakiškės manor was first mentioned in the historical sources in the 16th century. Jakiškės manor belonged to a German family of Koškoliai. The manor with classicistic features built in 1898 is now being brought to a new life. The palace, the ice-house, a small park, a steam-mill, and an old lime tree alley leading to the palace have remained. The major household buildings of the manor burnt down during the war. The last resident of Koškoliai manor was Meta Koškolytė. During the war, she retreated to Germany. After the war, in different historical periods the purpose of manor house was different. Today Jakiškės manor is a private cultural object protected by the state.

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