Aristavelė Manor

L. Lekavičiaus g. 2, Rumšiškės, Lithuania
Lng: 24.2010131 , Lat: 54.866405

Contact person: Rasa Bertašiūtė, +37061424136
Phone: +37034647392 , +37034647237 /
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Aristavėlė manor is a valuable example of Lithuanian wooden Baroque architecture. It was built around 1700), most likely by Mykolas Zabiela. At the end of the 18th c. the manor became the property of the Medekša family. Although the manor had undergone many reconstructions, it retained its original forms and prestige. Between the wars, it was a model farm, which was propagating advanced ideas and implementing new farming practices. In 1987, the palace was deconstructed and taken to the museum of Kėdainiai district. From 2014-2016 Aristavėlė manor is open for visitors. Currently, a restoration centre is operating here. Concerts, seminars and various events connected with craftsmanship and traditional wooden construction take part here.

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