Aštrioji Kirsna Manor

Žvejų g. 11, Aštriosios Kirsnos k., Būdviečio sen., Lazdijų r., Lithuania
Lng: 23.3916159 , Lat: 54.3043833

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Written sources mention the Aštrioji Kirsna manor as early as the 16th century. In 1755 it became the property of J. T. Karenga, who ordered to make an inventory of the manor. A decaying wooden two-storey manor house, a cheese dairy, the stables, a barn, a stockyard, a brewery, a windmill and three taverns were included. In the mid-19th century, the ensemble of neo-classical manor consisted of 19 buildings and a park, all built on a curved terrain. Now the works of area planning and historical park reconstruction are taking place. In the future, it is planned to reconstruct the manor by restoring and preserving the present valuables and adjusting the manor to tourism, horse sports and conferences.

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