Biržai Castle

J.Radvilos g. 3, Biržai, Lithuania
Lng: 24.7534434 , Lat: 56.204933

Contact person: Lina Kuncytė
Phone: +37045033397 , +37065557738 /
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The first castle in Biržai was built by Krzyszt of Radziwiłł “The Thunderbolt”(1547-1603) according to the plan of the Italian bastion castles. During 16th – 17th c. huge castle, constructed in a Dutch style, with a palace, high ramparts of ground and a fossa filled with water was the most powerful and important in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Since 1989 castle is the house for Biržai Region Museum “Sėla”. In the basement there is a restaurant. In Biržai castle there is the exhibition of military art from the 17th – 18th c., exhibitions of prehistory, ethnography, religions, dukes Radziwiłł and the period of the Soviet occupation. The museum offers educational workshops, guided tours and a unique opportunity to get acquainted with beer traditions in Biržai.

Additional information

October 1 - March 31 II – VII 9.00–16.30. III – VI 9.00–17.30. April 1 – September 30 II – VII 10.00–17.30. III – VI 10.00–18.30. On Monday the Castle is closed.