Bistrampolis Manor

Kučių k., Ramygalos sen., Panevėžio r., Lithuania
Lng: 24.357853 , Lat: 55.5970289

Contact person: Kristina Kriugiškienė
Phone: +37068578348 /
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Bistrampolis manor was owned by Bistramai family since the end of 17th century till 1940. Built in 1850, the manor house has remained till nowadays. The house is of classical style, rectangular plan and two-storied. The landlords had accumulated around 2000 books, a rich family archive and the art collection. 10 other buildings of the manor ensemble have also remained the oldest of which are dated back to 1820. Everything is surrounded by a large park replanted at the beginning of nineteenth century, 3 pools and cemetery. Bistrampolis manor is the biggest heritage object in Panevezys district which was conceived to resurrect. Already traditional Bistrampolis Festival is being held every year in June-August.

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Open daily 10.00–22.00.