Gediminas Castle (Lithuanian National Museum)

Arsenalo g. 1, Vilnius, Lithuania
Lng: 25.289143 , Lat: 54.687351

Contact person: Rima Tumėnaitė
Phone: +37052629426 , +37052627774 /
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The early history of the Castle Hill surrounded by rivers is closely related to the history of the development of the Vilnius city. The defensive fortress of the castle went through many changes. In 1838, a wooden two-storey structure of optical telegraph was erected on top of the western tower. In 1960 the Castle Museum was opened in the western tower. In 1995, when the castle tower was renovated, a renewed exposition opened its doors to visitors. A picturesque panorama of the capital of an independent Lithuania opens up from the scenic overlook installed on the top of the tower. The castle tower together with the flag of the Lithuanian state became the symbol of national struggles for independence and statehood.

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Naujasis arsenalas, Arsenalo g. 1, LT-01143 Vilnius

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