Jašiūnai Manor

Sniadeckio g. 2, Jašiūnai, Šalčininkų r. Lithuania
Lng: 25.2986009 , Lat: 54.4335407

Contact person: Kazimiež Karpič
Phone: +37067084816 , +37061829125 / jaszuny@gmail.com
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Balinskiai manor house in Jašiūnai was built in 1824–1828. The whole architectural ensemble is situated  on the western bank of the Merkys river. To the east of the manor house there is the parterre, beside which on the northern side there is the general storeroom and the barn on the south. Beside the barn there is the stud farm and further to the southeast up the hill – the blacksmith shop with coach house. A bit far away from the manor house cowsheds were built and farmhand quarters – across the byway. The larger part of the manor territory is occupied by the park. The park has about 30 species of coniferous and deciduous trees. The forms of the exterior of the manor house were built in late Classicism, Empire style, designed by architect Karolis Podčašinskis.

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