Kelmė Manor

Dvaro g. 15, Kelmė, Lithuania
Lng: 22.938485 , Lat: 55.6383075

Contact person: Danutė Žalpienė
Phone: +37042761065 /
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Kelmė manor is  the rare manor of baroque style province in Lithuania. The total area of Kelmė Manor homestead, including the park, is 15.2 ha. In 1780 a brick Baroque manor house was built in Kelmė. The two storey brick gates, resembling a tower, is a distinctive building of Kelmė manor homestead. The gates performed multiple functions: a representative entrance, at the first floor area there was a serfs’ jail and at the second floor there was a library with an open arcade for the orchestra. In 1591 noblemen Gruževskis, active supporters of the Reformation, became the new possessors of the manor and owned it for 350 years. Nowadays, the buildings of Kelmė manor ensemble are used as Kelmė Regional Museum.

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