Kurtuvėnai Manor

Parko g. 2, Kurtuvėnai, Lithuania
Lng: 23.0485478 , Lat: 55.8279377

Contact person: Kornelija Jurgaitytė
Phone: +37041370333 / info@kurtuva.lt
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Kurtuvėnai manor is one of the oldest Lithuania manors. In 1592 more than 20 wooden structures consisted the manor. In the beginning of XVIII c. manor was bought by Pranciškus Nagurskis, three generations of Nagurskiai ruled Kurtuvėnai for the whole century, later Pliateriai were the owners of Kurtuvėnai for almost 8 decades. They modernised manor farming, established the biggest Lithuania fishing pond farm. In the beginning of XX c. the roads of book carriers went through Kurtuvėnai. In 2006 a barn rose from ashes, nowadays regional park visitor centre is functioning, concerts, galleries and conferences are being organised. In the rebuilt peasants quarters Kurtuvėnai regional park direction works, in the former manor stables there is a Ridding service centre.

Additional information

Monday – Friday 8.00–17.00. Lunch break 12.00–13.00. This is Kurtuvenai park administration working hours.
Information for visitors who come on Saturday or Sunday: you should come to Kurtuvėnai Manor Stud (Žvejų g. 2, Kurtuvėnai) you could also visit Kurtuvėnai camp (Parko g. 2, Kurtuvėnai) and ,,Kryžkelė" inn (P.Višinskio g. 18, Kurtuvėnai). In all these places there will be a possibility to mark your visit to Kurtuvėnai Manor.