Renavas Manor

Dvaro g. 2, Renavo k., Sedos sen., Mažeikių r., Lithuania
Lng: 22.0570011 , Lat: 56.2276986

Contact person: Deividas Makavičius
Phone: +37062030707 , +37062683979 / ,
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Manor was first mentioned back to 1589. On the initiative of Antanas Renė in 1830-1833 the present-day Renavas manor ensemble, attributed to the period of late classicism, was built. Renavas manor is associated with the uprising of 1863. Active cultural life took place at the manor, it was visited by the most prominent people of the period. The manor’s library with over 1,000 volumes was known as unique. Before World War I, there were attempts to grow silkworms and to establish a farm of silkworm cocoons at the manor. The renewed Renavas manor house holds a permanent exposition of the representational interior of the manor, which introduces the visitors to the Lithuanian manor culture of the 19th century: its interior, some pieces of furniture, paintings, etc.

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