Rokiškis Manor

Tyzenhauzų g. 5, Rokiškis, Lithuania
Lng: 25.5994421 , Lat: 55.9653006

Contact person: Ingrida Kujelė
Phone: +37045831512 , +37045852639 /
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Rokiškis manor was governed by several generations of Tyzenhauz and Pšezdziecki families from the end of the 18th century, famous for its cultural and academic activities, collections of paintings and musical instruments, and arts patronage. Now Rokiškis Regional Museum is located in the palace. It presents unique cultural and historical exhibits of Rokiškis region: there are many archaeological findings, old books, documents and printings, numismatics, pieces of pictorial and applied arts of manor culture, as well as photographs. The museum organizes various events, open-air workshops, concerts and festivals. Moreover, the exhibitions at the museum are constantly changing.

Additional information

Museum is open on Tuesdays-Sundays 10.00–18.00.
Ice exhibition
Ice exhibition "Frozen in time"
We invite you to Saturday (June 16th) at 12:00. to Rokiskis region museums to get away from summer heat.

P.S. Children will be surprised!

Photographer - Robert Daskevicius
Exhibition “Dialogues“
Exhibition “Dialogues“
The exhibition of two honour citizizens of Rokiškis region – painter Monika Bičiūnienė (1910-2009) and traditional band weaver Palmira Damijonaitienė.
Exhibition „The Road Home
Exhibition „The Road Home"
Retrospective exhibition by Marija Rima Tubelytė 
Exhibition "Color of my life"
In the genres of painting and graphic, the Folk artist successfully discovered forms of expression. Her works are characterized by philosophical, lyrical composition. Expressive brushstrokes fill her works with compassion and colorful harmony.
Rokiškis Manor
Samsonas Rally Rokiškis, 2018
Spectators of“Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“ on 3-4th of August will have a chance to see a lot of rally teams, famous guests from abroad, impressive jumps as well as great concerts and experience additional entertainment. 

On 4th of August the culmination of event will be award ceremony at the museum of Rokiškis manor house. After that concert of band „Čilinam“ sponsored by „SB Lizingas“,fireworks and laser show. Fiesta will continue up to 3 a.m.

More about Samsonas rally Rokiškis -
Cinema caravan
Cinema caravan
The Rokiškis Regional Museum will be displayed - LOVING VINCENT2017 / Poland, United Kingdom / 95 min / N-13
Director(s) - Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman
Screenwriter(s) - Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman, Jacek Dehnel
Actors - Douglas Booth, Jerome Flynn, Chris O’Dowd, Saoirse Ronan, Aidan Turner, John Sessions, Helen McCrory
Producer(s) - Hugh Welchman, Ivan MacTaggart, Sean Bobbit
Cinematographer - Tristan Oliver, Łukasz Żal
Editor(s) - Justyna Wiersynska, Dorota Kobiela
Composer(s) - Clint Mansell
Sales agent - Cinema Management Group Llc
Distributor - Kino Pavasaris Distribution
Dialogues - English
Subtitles - Lithuanian
Remarkable animated work brings to life the paintings of Vincent van Gogh via a kind of rotoscoping technique with an obsessive attention to detail never seen before. The film took seven years to make, and each of its 65,000 frames was hand-painted by one of 125 professional oil-painters. More than 130 paintings by van Gogh serve as the initial backgrounds for a kind of detective tale wherein Armand Roulin, the son of the postmaster in Arles, tries to understand how the painter could go from the tranquil artist he knew to a suicide in only six weeks.
Rokiškis Manor
You’ll feel like being part of a historical movie, listening to the historical – fictional text, music and city sounds through your earphones and looking at the dancers, who will embody Louise, queen of Prussia. The performance will unite the pulse of modern day Klaipėda and the breath of the old Memel.
519th birthday of Rokiskis
The concert "Late Junctions" begins at 17 o'clock in Rokiškis Regional Museum. XI literary award of the Juozas Keliuotis in a concert break.