Rokiškis Manor

Tyzenhauzų g. 5, Rokiškis, Lithuania
Lng: 25.5994421 , Lat: 55.9653006

Contact person: Ingrida Kujelė
Phone: +37045831512 , +37045852639 /
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Rokiškis manor was governed by several generations of Tyzenhauz and Pšezdziecki families from the end of the 18th century, famous for its cultural and academic activities, collections of paintings and musical instruments, and arts patronage. Now Rokiškis Regional Museum is located in the palace. It presents unique cultural and historical exhibits of Rokiškis region: there are many archaeological findings, old books, documents and printings, numismatics, pieces of pictorial and applied arts of manor culture, as well as photographs. The museum organizes various events, open-air workshops, concerts and festivals. Moreover, the exhibitions at the museum are constantly changing.

Additional information

Museum is open on Tuesdays-Sundays 10.00–18.00.