Vasaknos Manor

Sudeikių g. 25, Vasaknų k., Dusetų sen., Zarasų r., Lithuania
Lng: 25.790267 , Lat: 55.687953

Contact person: Alfonsas Kievišas
Phone: +37065542233 / ,
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Boasting a breathtaking scenery, Vasaknos Manor is a perfect destination for romantic getaways. Once built and owned by the most influential noble families of Lithuania – Radvilos (Radziwill), Pliateriai (Plater), Tiskeviciai (Tyszkiewicz) – today Vasaknos Manor is a popular wedding and event destination among those looking for authenticity, quality, and beautiful landscape. Unique architecture combines the antique stone and brick walls with oak constructions, glass, and granite in a beautiful connection between the past and the present. Vasaknos Manor ensemble includes a reconstructed Manor and a brewery, which had already existed in the 18th c., a lakeside sauna, a park with ponds and paths, preserved substructures of stabling and the original palace.

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May 26th 12.00–22.00, May 27th 12.00–17.00, June 30th 12.00–17.00, July 20th 12.00–17.00,July 1st 12.00–17.00, July 14-15th 12.00–17.00July 27th 12.00–17.00, August 3rd 12.00–17.00, August 10th 12.00–17.00, September 8th 12.00–17.00, September 9th 12.00–17.00
Vasaknos Manor
Vasaknos Manor
Dusetai Residents Celebration
On the occasion of the centenary, we invite you to celebrate Dusetos Feast at Vasaknos Manor!
During the celebration, you can order a tasting of our own products and enjoy the food prepared by our chefs!

09.00-15.30 International Rowing Tournament to win the Cup. (Lithuanian Rowing Championship, stage II).
13.00-20.00 Presentation of the production of the Vasaknos Manor (tasting).
14.30-19.00 A-League Dragon Boat Championship Round I and SK “Ainiai-25” Cup competition.
15.00-16.00 Sport tourism relay race. Trails of the Vasaknos Manor park.
15.00-17.00 Presentation of the Lithuanian Police Activity (Demonstration of Seat Belt and Vehicle Rolling Faces in the Territory of the  Vasaknos Manor.)
16.00-17.00 Womens Carriage Championship of Lithuania.
18.00-19.00 Registration of participants and guests.
19.00-20.00 Lifting of the flag. Guest speakers Providing nominations for people from the Dusetos region and for the 25th anniversary of Dusetos Sport Club "Ainiai".
20.00-21.00 Concert of  Renata & Deivis Norvilai. 
21.00-23.00 Concert by the Antakalniai Community vocal instrumental ensemble "Šilo aidai". Cultural Center Duset Art Gallery: Chapel Sadūnai, Women's Ensemble "Svaja", vocal trio and guests.
23.00-23.15 Fireworks.
23.15-02.00 Discotheque.
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