Zypliai Manor

Beržų g. 3, Tubelių k., Lukšių sen., Šakių r., Lithuania
Lng: 23.1938607 , Lat: 54.9414677

Contact person: Lina Palekauskaitė
Phone: +37034544123 / zypliudvaras@gmail.com
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Zypliai manor (Šakiai district) consists of eleven remaining buildings, and it has been engaging in active touristic and cultural life since 2003. After long years of restoration in 2012, the renewed palace with spacious concert, exposition and decorative halls was open. Nowadays Zypliai manor is not only a tourist attraction but also a centre of cultural activities: is holds exhibitions, concerts, festivals, film previews, celebrations, fairs, camps and open-air workshops. Those who like spending time outdoors are welcome to Zypliai manor park with rose gardens, alleys of balsamic poplar, lime, hornbeam and maple trees, small ponds and a cosy little island on one of them. The manor is full of life all-year-round: over 20 thousand visitors visit it every year.

Additional information

The museum is open for visitors Mondays–Thursdays 9.00–17.00, on Fridays 9.00–16.00. Saturdays–Sundays 10.00–16.00.