Virkas manor (Firckshof)

Virkas iela 27, Kuldīga, LV-3301, Latvia
Lng: 21.962312 , Lat: 56.980507

Contact person: Evelīna Laškova
Phone: +37122060780 /
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Firckshof The manor house of Virka and the city reagon has got it’s name by Latvianizing the name of German baron Firks family’s holding - Friehof, Firchshof (Latvian- Werkes, Wirkes), which is actually the land and the manor house owned by the Firks. The first owner Jirgen fon Firks received the land as a fief from the Kuldīga’s commandry of the Livonian order in the year 1494. The name of the architect of the manor house is unknown so people can only guess whether the builders were influenced from the 19th century urgent wooden architecture in Switzerland or they just wanted to create a romantic house decorated with wood-engravings for a beloved woman. Travellers are still able to get shelter and can refresh in the manor house of Virka. From 2016 here was Boutique Hotel Virkas muiža.

Additional information

Hotel Virkas Manor is open all year. The guest registration is available 24 hours.