Allikukivi Winery Manor

Kooli tee 2 Allikukivi 86201 Pärnu maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.02100168596212 , Lat: 58.150798085530866

Contact person: Raili Hein
Phone: +372 525 2800 /
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In 1858  a German Carl Friedrich Albert Zoepffel founded a woollen cloth factory at Allikukivi and in the 1860s he commissioned an impressive  house to be built and a beautiful park to be planted.
In  1935 the manor was given to the Voltveti parish and a local community house, and later the Tihemetsa school started to work there. The school was in the former Allikukivi manor until 2012.
Nowadays there is a big garden where different berries are  grown  to enable developing  wine industry basing on local Estonian berries and fruits there. 
The visitors are kindly asked to taste the local wines and listen to the stories about the history of the manor and its former owners.