Allikukivi Winery Manor

Kooli tee 2 Allikukivi 86201 Pärnu maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.02100168596212 , Lat: 58.150798085530866

Contact person: Raili Hein
Phone: +372 525 2800 /
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In 1858  a German Carl Friedrich Albert Zoepffel founded a woollen cloth factory at Allikukivi and in the 1860s he commissioned an impressive  house to be built and a beautiful park to be planted.
In  1935 the manor was given to the Voltveti parish and a local community house, and later the Tihemetsa school started to work there. The school was in the former Allikukivi manor until 2012.
Nowadays there is a big garden where different berries are  grown  to enable developing  wine industry basing on local Estonian berries and fruits there. 
The visitors are kindly asked to taste the local wines and listen to the stories about the history of the manor and its former owners.
Allikukivi Veinimõisa suvekonsert: Jarek Kasar
Selle aasta esimeks esinejaks on Jarek Kasar ehk Chalice. Kes siis ei teaks tema lugusid "Minu inimesed" või "Head ööd"? Tule ja saa osa võluvast muusikast, põnevatest juttudest ja sumedast suveõhtust veinimõisas.  
Kontserti algus kell 18:00. Eelmüügist pileti hind 14 eurot. Kohapeal 15 eurot. Tund enne kontserdi algust on avatud ka kohvik (arveldamine toimub sularahas). Pileteid saab osta kohapealt ning Piletilevist.
Allikukivi Winery Manors summer concert: Hedvig Hanson

Musical evening with marvellousHedvig Hanson in  Allikukivi park.
Concert at  18:00. Tickets from presale in 14 euro. From entrance 15 euros. Take a piqnique blanket with You. Café operates at cash only . 
Allikukivi Winery Manor
A dinner dedicated to the year of Pärnumaa Tastes. The chefs are from Häädemeeste and wines from Allikukivi. 
Only on pre-order. Price of the dinner is 36 eurot., 5252800
Allikukivi Winery Manor Visitor Day on Open Farms day
Today we are open free of charge. We introduce the history of the manor and the berry garden. You are welcome to taste, 
Café and shop-gallery are open
Visit to the Allikukivi Winery
Visit to the Allikukivi Winery
We are open for visits. We introduce history, talk about the production of modern berry wines, offer tasting, visit the berry garden.
Visitor fee 3 euros. Together with tasting 8 euros.
Allikukivi Veinimõisa summer concert: Riho Sibul ja Priit Pihlap
Beloved Riho Sibul and  Priit Pihlap in  Allikukivi park.
Price 21 eurot at Allikukivi and from 
Café accepts cash only.
Allikukivi Veinimõisa summer concert: Arg Part
Funky music and  fresh lyrics by young men.
Public transport from  Pärnu, bus stop Allikukivi. A special bus is ordered for return on pre-agreement 
Tickets purchased in advance 12€, before concert 15€,  Weekend Festival ticket discount 13€.