Arkna Manor

Arkna 44419 Lääne-Viru maakond Estonia
Lng: 26.378232836723328 , Lat: 59.39413588372937

Phone: +372 5510446 /
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Arkna has a beautiful main house and a number of 19th century buildings surrounded by a park with a wide variety of species. We manage a 500-animal milk farm on 720 hectares of fields. From the daily 5000 liters of milk we produce Gouda cheese. In the organic orchard  we grow 25 000 black currant bushes and the same number  of apple trees will be planted soon. 
Arkna's main aims are dedicated to health and well-being. Innovation and traditions go hand in hand and compliment each other. We care for and protect local environment and try to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.
Arkna enchants with a peaceful lifestyle and never-ending birdsong.

Additional information

The territory of the manor is open daily. To get a tour inside please call in advance.
​Highlights of summer 2018: 

6. July at 15-21 Melodic Arkna - parc concerts; market; activities for childre; free entrance. 
22. July at  10-17 Day of Open Farms - presentation of Arkna Manor gardens and farm; free entrance
18. August at 10-17 Cheese Festival - Presentation of Estonian small milk producers and their production; activities for young and old, Free entrance.