Kostivere Manor

Mõisa tee 2 Kostivere 74204 Harju maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.095841884613037 , Lat: 59.42692971388846

Contact person: Irina Pärila
Phone: +372608 1539 / kultuurimois@joelahtmekultuur.ee
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 Kostivere manor is situated only 20 km from Tallinn at Jõelähtme on ancient Rebala grounds.  Mostly practiced agriculture and catlebreeding were practiced in the manorial estate. During the years of soviet occupation there was a state-owned sovkhoz, and after  the end of the occupation the main-building stayed empty for years and was in a very poor conditions. The renovation and restauration works were initiated by some active local enthusiasts. Nowadays the local government of Jõelähtme has taken the works over, and practically every year  renovation of at least one building is completed. The Kostivere manor of culture has worked already for six years by now and different cultural activities for local people take place there.