Kolu Manor

Kolu mõis, Vaiatu, Lääne-Viru maakond
Lng: 26.007552141385986 , Lat: 59.35721282613706


Kolu manor was founded by Andreas von Baer in 1772. During its history the manorial estate has belonged to several noble families. The manor house was built by the von Ungern- Sternbergs.  During soviet occupation it housed soviet institutions, since the end of 20th century it is in private family  ownership again.
It is worth coming to Kolu to walk in the English-style landscape park with springs  and a little pond or to watch the life of wild bees or beavers in the forest. The history of the Kolu manor is interesting and its really lovely to have a nice cup of tea, made in a genuine Tula tea samovar there.