Raikküla Manor

  Raikküla mõis Raikküla 78402 Rapla maakond
Lng: 24.757990837097168 , Lat: 58.93506378845426

Contact person: Ivo Lambing
Phone: +372 56244382 / ivo@raikkylamois.ee
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The Raikküla main building, one of the most beautiful high classicist building in Estonia, was severely damaged in 1990s, but is under restoration today.  The former landlord of the manor Count Alexander von Keyserling was the Head of the Estonian Knighthood, the Curator of Tartu University, and a well known biologist whom Charles Darwin has named his predecessor. One of the Keyserlings´ forefathers was a sponsor to J. S. Bach to whom the composer has dedicated some of his opuses. Alexander von Keyserling was a lifelong friend of Otto von Bismarck, the German politician.Raikküla  is known also as the birthplace of Estonian national democracy - the place wherer ancient Estonian parliament came together  in 1216.