Aruküla (Raasiku) mõis

Tallinna maantee 38, Aruküla, 75201 Harju maakond
Lng: 25.081445986105336 , Lat: 59.35830056113986

Contact person: Kerti Pellmas
Phone: +3726 070 601 , +3725122603 /
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The building was completed in the early 20th century, when a wooden second floor was added. There is an attractive park and an overseer’s house, a dairy and a mill with a pond.In 1919 Republic of Estonia  gave the nationalized estate to Kaarel Eenpalu, a War of Independence hero. Eenpalu, later head of state and prime minister, gave the manor to local school, and built a farm for himself, next to the manor.The  manor has always been the community’s cultural and educational center.
Since the 1980s, the municipality is renovating the main manor building and the park.
The cosy historical building and natural park around it make up a superb environment for following the Waldorf educational method and hobby activities of the Pääsulind Centre.

Additional information

We look forward to meet You on
5., 7. and 18. June from 11:00-17:00; 
18., 21. and 22. July from 10:00-18:40
4. and 18. August 10:00-18:40 and
16. and 17. August 11:00-17:00
Entrance fees: adults 2, reduced 1 and family 5 euros