Lasila Manor

Vahtra pst 17 Lasila Rakvere vald 44401 Lääne-Viru maakond, Estonia
Lng: 26.216074526309967 , Lat: 59.250877142894495


The von Baer family became the owners of the manor in the 18th century. In his youth, Karl Ernst was interested in the aviary and the park of the manor. The current Neo-Gothic main house did not exist in von Baer’s day. The manor ensemble, featuring a manor hall with corner towers, started to be developed in the late 19th century by Rudolf von Ungern-Sternberg. Two colours of brick were combined to lay the walls.The first school for local Estonian peasants opened at Lasila in 1786. In 1973, the manor school’s activities were interrupted for 13 years. The premises were ceded for a period to a kolkhoz department and a bar was added in the cellar.
One of the corner towers has a permanent exhibition on Karl Ernst von Baer.