Vasta Manor

Vasta 44034 Lääne-Viru maakond Estonia
Lng: 26.69103741645813 , Lat: 59.459988924267506

Contact person: Ülle Viller
Phone: +372 518 2049 /
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Vasta late Baroque house was commissioned in the late 18th century by Karl Ludwig von Ritter. The manor park and buildings are symmetric and clearly defined, as formal garden style dictated. At its perimeter, the park is delineated by a metre-high limestone wall.
The manor house, used as a school since 1940, has undergone several rounds of restoration. The main hall is a real art and history experience as its ceiling is decorated with palm fronds and rosettes There are also mural paintings, many centuries old, uncovered in 2004.
Local folklore and cultural traditions are important subjects of the school’s program. The history of Vasta has its own story to tell as Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, the compiler of the Estonian national epic, had his wedding here in 1833.

Additional information

Vasta manor is open advance bookings only.

Package I - An open QR-code route is opened for everybody and it`s free (from 19th June). Your own smartphone is essential in order to discover the manor`s secrets. 
Price: free, the rooms inside of the manor can not be visited.

Package II - "Guided tour".  Guided tour introducing the history of the Vasta manor.
Price: 3.- per person. Group 11-20 people 30.-. If there are more than 20 people, two groups will be formed.

Package III- Guided tour introducing the history of the Vasta manor + coffee and a house cake.
Price: 6.- per person.

Package IV - excursion + a lunch break at the manor.
Price: 10.- per person.