Vana-Võidu mõis

Vana-Võidu 70108 Viljandi maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.65927743911743 , Lat: 58.39306476185204


The manor is set in a species-rich park; the heart of the park is the circle of honour in front of the main building. The manor house was expropriated from the von Stryks in 1919 and was used by an agriculture school. A second storey was built on the wings for this purpose in 1939. The design was commissioned from Artur Jürvetson, an architect from the State Building Trust. The project served its purpose – the additions accommodated several sewing classes and a boarding school for students.In 2016 unique paintings were found inspired by Herculaneum.

Additional information

Vana-Võidu manor is closed for restoration works in 2020. However You can  walk around the huge territory.