Muuga mõis

Pargi 1 Muuga 46502 Lääne-Viru maakond Estonia
Lng: 26.633799076080322 , Lat: 59.111304678146624


The interior of Muuga Manor still retains much of its glory: the Italian terrazzo floor, mural paintings, masonry heaters and a marble fireplace, lunette paintings above the doors. There is a present from Alexander II – enourmous light-grey marble  staircase – too big for the center of the house - therefore it was built in one end of the vestibule. During World War II, the Neffs left for Germany leaving their huge collection of art to the Estonian Art Museum. The school moved into the manor in 1944.  The learning environment is very artistic - in one classroom there is a group of sculptures called Laocoon  and marble lion statues in the vestibule. There is also a memorial room for Estonian classic Eduard Vilde, whose father ran the granary of the manor. 

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