Puurmani Castle

Tartu mnt 1Puurmani alevikPuurmani vald49014 Jõgevamaa
Lng: 26.289628744125366 , Lat: 58.574697107141226

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The design for the riverside building was commissioned in 1877 from  Friedrich Hübbel. The octagonal tower in the northeast corner gives the building a palace-like shine. The park and interiors are mainly in the Louis XIV Baroque style, underscored by the lavish stucco décor and the intricate wood details. The furniture was, especially luxurious for its time.
In  2004–2010 the manor was restored, and handpainted gold patterned wallpapers and oaken ceiling panels were found.  A Julius Kuperjanov room has been set up. It was in Puurmani that this War of Independence officer formed his famous group of partisans and thus Puurmani had a role in the birth of the Republic of Estonia in 1918.