Uue-Suislepa Manor

Suislepa 69703 Viljandi maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.98151534795761 , Lat: 58.148852676260155

Contact person: Suislepa
Phone: +372 5153541 , +372 436 9322 (Library) / suislepam@gmail.com
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The manor house from the early 19th century is located on a high bank of the River Õhne and is visible from quite a distance over the open terrain. The bulk of the Early Neoclassical building is single-storey and built of stone. The roof has an observation tower with an open balcony.
The Baltic German writer Monika Hunnius describes it in her memoirs as follows: “Beautiful rooms filled with expensive furniture –all styles were mixed up, though: thus one had a room decorated with Ee style medallions full of furniture à la Jacobe, while other rooms were furnished higgledy-piggledy in Empire and Biedermeier pieces. The great hall had a home organ standing on a terraced pedestal, both of solid mahogany. Oil paintings reproduced from the Old Masters hung on the walls…” 

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