Vääna Manor

Väänamõisa tee 1, Vääna küla, Harku vald, 76903 Vääna 76903 Harju maakond Estonia
Lng: 24.4145929813385 , Lat: 59.388670344883934


The manor was acquired by the von Stackelbergs in 1774, and they started to develope a grand manor house. They invited an  unknown Italian architect to Vääna. The resulting mansion was unique in Estonia: rotundas were joined to the ends of the building, which itself had a long and narrow central section. One of the rotundas housed the Stackelbergs’ art collection.
The history of Vääna Manor School, which now operates in the manor, goes back to 1855, when a progressive noblewoman, Pauline Luise von Stackelberg, founded the institution.

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01.-19. August 10-13
21.-31.August 10-14