Vana-Vigala Manor

Vana-Vigala 78003 Rapla maakond Estonia
Lng: 24.25160586833954 , Lat: 58.77894327664442


The Vigala area has long been closely connected to the von Uexküll family – already before 1420, the nearby Kivi-Vigala Manor was known to belong to the vassal family. The English-style park, rich in foreign species of trees, was established shortly after the manor house was completed. The manor housed the von Uexkülls’ great art collection, archive and library. The art interest of the former owners is shown by two antique marble reliefs in the vestibule, brought from Pompeii. The manor house was burnt during the 1905 revolts, but a few years later it was restored..
After the land reform, the building was empty and Vigala Agriculture School moved in, from 1 September 1994, the entire building is in the hands of Vana-Vigala Basic School.

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