Anija Manor

Anija 74411 Harju maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.300711691379547 , Lat: 59.381645246146064

Contact person: Janne Kallakmaa
Phone: +372 55 534 368 /
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Anija complex includes many manorial buildings, whereas the most valuable is the arcaded two-storey amber. 
In the 1920s when almost all Estonian manorial estates were nationalized, school was opened in the main building. During soviet occupation beside the school the house was used also  as an office of the local sovkhoz.
In 2009 Anija Mõisa Haldus Foundation was established in order to restore, develop and to activate the whole manorial property. In near future Anija will be a center and a coordinator for all Estonian Manors. Nowadays visitors are welcome to walk in the park and look round in the main building.

Additional information

 Manor is open:
Tuesday-Friday  9:00-17:00; 
Saturday 11:00-17:00