Jäneda Manor

Jäneda 73602 Lääne-Viru maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.680869221687317 , Lat: 59.24531856912015

Phone: +372384 97 50 / info@janedaturism.ee
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Jäneda Manor is first mentioned in 1510. For nearly a century ,1833-1919, it was the possession of von Benckendorff family. The romantic main building was built in  1913-1915 and is an interesting combination of Neo-Gothic and Art Deco. After the school of agriculture moved in in 1921, the rooms were redesigned. Jäneda has several well-preserved side buildings but also  a high-quality modernist addition  by architect Valve Pormeister, built in 1968-74 .

Additional information

21.-22.07 Forgotten Manors 10:00-18:40
04.08 Forgotten Manors 10:00-18:4018.08 Forgotten Manors 10:00-18:40Entrance fee: families 5 Euro; adults 2 Euro; students, retired 1 Euro