Keila-Joa Manor

Pargi alle 5 Keila Joa 76701 Harju maakond Estonia
Lng: 24.295620918273926 , Lat: 59.39696800269781

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In 1827 the manor became the seat of lineage of Adjutant General Count A. Benckendorff, a General who served three Russian tsars.  The young architect Andrei Stackenschneider was tasked with designing the new Gothic Revival style manor house on the high bank of the river Keila. The nature park that sprawls for twenty hectares around the palace is an outstanding achievement of 19th century landscape architecture. As there were no male heirs the manor passed in 1869 to her daughter, the Duchess Maria Volkonskaya. The manor faced brutal maintenance in the 20th century. The new era for the anor started in 2010 when it was sold to private property. After careful restoration it is one of the most elegant manor houses in Estonia again.