Koigi Manor

Koigi 72501 Järva maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.75046181678772 , Lat: 58.83346968455995

Phone: +372 56682408 / annela@ojaste.eu
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The building ensemble began to be built toward the close of the late 18th century, with a single-story Early Neoclassicist main building.
Education has always been held in high regard at Koigi Manor. Its founder, von Grünewaldt, is also known for his commitment to local education – the enlightened baron established schools in the villages connected to his manor. His grandchild Otto von Grünewaldt launched a home school, which operated on the manor from 1836–1846. Children of many prominent noblemen were educated there.
In 1919, a village school moved into a manor sidebuilding, but due to the large number of students, the school outgrew the buildings and the municipality demanded that the school move into the main building. 


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