Kolga Manor

Kolga 74602 Harju maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.611276626586914 , Lat: 59.49185572716039

Contact person: Riina Laanetu
Phone: +372 5145830 / riinalaanetu@gmail.com
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The area was settled in 13th century by Cistercian Monks who enjoyed local rich springs, fertile soil, forests and harbor 9km away. Later among the owners of the Manor were military commander Pontus De la Gardie  and for a long period Stenbock family. During a soviet time there were a office and  apartments. ow manor is privately owned and is under slow but evenmore careful restoration. The interiors are full of interesting details as elements like stuccos and interesting paintings.There are only guided tours inside the manor house. In main bulding there are a Gallery (with a giftshop) and Cafeteria. Also there is Museum of Kuusalu Municipality, located next to the main building. 

Additional information

Please visit us as follows:
31.May; 7.,15., 21. and 29. June; 5.,13., 22. and 26. July ; 
2.,9.,18.,24.,30. August and 9. and 15. September The manor is open from 10:00-20:00 
Guided tours at 10:00; 12:00; 14:00; 16:00; 18:00; 19.30
Entrance fee 6/4 Euros