Pilguse Manor

Jõgela 93312 Saare maakond Estonia
Lng: 21.983696222305298 , Lat: 58.26043694662046

Phone: +372 45 45 445 / info@pilguse.ee
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Pilguse manor is the childhood home of the notorious seafarer, around the world sailor and the discoverer of the Antarctic mainland – Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen, who was an admiral in Russian Czar Navy.In Pilguse there are extant building structures from the 19th century accompanied by unique systems of limestone walls on the premises. Since during the last decade the manor buildings have stayed empty they are unustable without a thorough renovation. New life started in Pilguse in July 2000, when renovation started. in the north wing of the building. There is a banquet hall with a stage that is suitable for events and conferences. 

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