Ravila Manor

Ravila tee 21 Ravila 75101 Harju maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.222420692443848 , Lat: 59.18443731278707

Phone: +372 5065533 / info@ravilamois.ee
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Through centuries the manor was sold and bought by several noble families. For example  Peter von Mannteuffel, the so called Crazy Count, who was much more interested in the peasants' life than the majority of landlords did. He wrote two books about peasants.
The Baroque main building of the manor was burnt down in the revolt in 1905. It was built up in a different way - the second floor and an unusually high triangular central part were added. Next to the main building there is the House of Cavalliers resembling very much the main house. Other buildings are from granite stones and bricks.

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