Kaagjärve Manor

  Kaagjärve Mäemõisa Kaagjärve 68115 Valga maakond Estonia
Lng: 26.211962699890137 , Lat: 57.76330228306873

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In the middle of an ancient park is an old picturesque building built by the Grothe family in the 1880-ies. 
You can climb up the viewing tower and cast a glance over the picturesque Southern Estonian landscape.
You can spend a night in the company of a friendly ghost, existing in every real manor house. You can stay here alone or with a family or a group of friends up to 35 people. Sweet dreams are guaranteed. You can rent a bike and explore the neighborhood on your own. You might even find a hidden chapel, called Kroodimägi, where the last members of the Grothe family are buried.
So – don`t think long, you are more than welcome to our Kaagjärve Manor! Just find the suitable dates for you and show up!

Additional information

The manor is open daily from June 25 till August 15. The activities of the children`s theme camps  take place from July 9 till August 11.  On July 10.-11 th Tatjana Fomina teaches children of the camp  chess.  You can follow the camp activities on www.tramburai.ee
Other times please contact   Marje:   +372 5013771