Vasalemma Manor

Lemmaru 76107 Harju maakond Estonia
Lng: 24.251686334609985 , Lat: 59.230356800266605


In Vasalemma the family pursued such untraditional economic activities as manufacturing brick and ceramic flower pots, cotton farming and raising exotic birds and various breeds of rabbits and dogs. For electricity, the technologically inclined manor lord organised the building of a giant wind turbine in 1913.
The most significant source of income for the manor was the limestone quarry and dolomite industry. Construction components produced under the supervision of a stonemason from Silesia, Johann Weiss, were in high demand in Tallinn, Riga and St. Petersburg.
The allure of the Vasalemma manor house stems largely from the skilful use of local limestone. The stone was even called Vasalemma marble. 


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